Kiss My Face: Measuring up Against David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen

Here’s a quick breakdown of a few Kiss My Face products that we use at home. I love Kiss My Face for their beautiful scents, not to mention their dedication to producing high-quality, affordable, and sustainable products.

And this is how they measure up against the
Dirty Dozen:

BHA and BHT Kids Detangler=N Soap=N Deodorant=N
Coal tar dyes Kids Detangler=N Soap=N Deodorant =N
DEA-related ingredients Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Dibutyl phthalate Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Parabens Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance)*Natural Kids Detangler =Y Soap=Y Deodorant =Y
PEG compounds Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =Y
Petrolatum Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Siloxanes Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N
Triclosan Kids Detangler =N Soap=N Deodorant =N


The deodorant contains Phenoxyethanol- a potentially toxic glycol ether. But otherwise they have a great score. Although aluminum isn’t one of the Dirty Dozen (and is generally found in conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants), the Kiss My Face deodorant can boast that there is no aluminum.

The other ‘strike’ for some may be parfum. Kiss My Face uses natural fragrances (which I love, but…) which may cause allergic reaction for some. Natural or synthetic, fragrances can cause reactions. I really enjoy scents, and always purchase scented products over unscented. Although we have allergy sufferers in our house, we haven’t had any issues with Kiss My Face products (related to fragrance or otherwise). There is currently some debate over perfumes, sprays, and other products containing fragrances as they become increasingly less acceptable in public places. While I sympathize with allergy sufferers I do wonder if reducing our exposure to natural substances is really the way to build our immune systems against them. BUT, that’s something you need to decide for yourself!

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