Aloe 80 ORGANICS: Measuring Up Against David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen

I think it’s safe to say that when we hear, or read ‘organic’ we assume that the product it’s attached to is completely natural. Organic is uber natural isn’t it? 

Before worshiping at the altar of Organic, let’s slow down and acknowledge that words and terms are usually defined differently by different people, and that they’re also easy to use for the sake of buzz when it comes to marketing.

Whether a product says organic or not, I like to have my own criteria for what’s good enough for me and my family. And the criteria evolves- it’s not static. I try to be flexible enough that I allow in new (and good) information, but also stay firm about what my standards are.   

This is how Aloe 80 ORGANICS Aloe & Citrus Hand & Body Lotion measures up against the Dirty Dozen:
BHA and BHT: N
Coal tar dyes: N
DEA-related ingredients: N
Dibutyl phthalate: N
Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: N
Parabens: N
Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance): N
PEG compounds: Y
Petrolatum: N
Siloxanes: N
Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS): N
Triclosan: N


The lotion contains only 1 of the Dirty Dozen.
A PEG Compound. It’s one of those ethy sounding ingredients: Phenoxyethanol, which doesn’t exactly sound organic... 
And it’s not. Here’s the skinny on Phenoxyethanol in an absolutely excellent and thorough review provided by Stephanie Greenwood of Bubble & Bee Organic (there's even a rebuttal, and response that are worthwhile reading too).
In brief, Phenoxyethanol is a chemically altered organic compound used as a preservative and fragrance in many natural products. It’s still considered a safe alternative to other known toxicants, although it’s becoming more hotly debated.
It can be difficult (although not impossible) to find a 100% organic/natural skin care product. Should we avoid this product because it contains 1 of the Dirty Dozen? For me and my family the answer is no. We buy what we need with the means that we have. Of all the things we have access to this is a great product, for a reasonable price, that measures very low on toxic ingredients.

This Aloe 80 Organics hand and body lotion has a very nice texture, works well to moisturize without having to reapply constantly, and has a lovely earthy scent (making it a nice choice for any member of the family). 

Have you used Aloe 80 Organics? Would you recommend them?

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