Huggies & Gerber: Measuring Up Against David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen

So far all of the products I've measured against the David Suzuki Dirty Dozen have been ‘natural’, products containing no more than 1-2 at most of these toxic ingredients. But what about popular conventional products?

This is how mainstream lotions by Gerber and Huggies products fared:

Although not one of the Dirty Dozen, both of these lotions also contain: Myristyl Myristate, which has been linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and is recognized as an irritant (according to the Environmental Working Group and The Consumerist

My big beef is that when it comes to products we use on OUR BABIES I assume they would:
  • have to be healthy,
  • have to be free of chemicals, carcinogens, toxic ingredients, and
  • have manufacturers that would be fully accountable and address the concerns ingredients raise- openly, in full view of the consumers who go searching for the information. 
That SHOULD be a safe assumption. But it’s not. Whatever the product, we have to stay on top of the information that helps us make good and healthy decisions for ourselves, and for our families. 

I've heard people argue passionately (and well) that what we really need to do is force government to regulate so we don’t have to think about these things anymore. But I’ll tell you what I think the problem with that is:

Regulation is not infallible. Just because we have a rule it does not mean people, groups, organizations, and corporations will abide unerringly by it.

Regulations have to be changed constantly to reflect the ever-changing market. When regulations can’t keep up, we end up with gaps in our safety net.

Regulation takes power out of our hands and puts it in the hands of a system governed by bodies that are prone to corruption. 

In this instance, regulation also has the tendency to make us feel we don’t have to be more informed. While I really admire the principle of the matter, I just don’t agree. I also don't think it's an either/or proposition. Whether appropriate and trustworthy regulations exist or not, we can always benefit from being better informed.

If you want to join me in becoming better informed  please share your opinions in the comments below.

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*Note: While the Huggies lotion has been discontinued, it is still readily available through eBay, Amazon, and countless other sites that specifically market products for babies. If you can find any information directly from Huggies about the product I’d love to see it. 

The Gerber lotion is also widely available, but if you’re a Canadian resident, you can forget about trying to access Gerber’s site. There isn’t anything I’ve seen so far that even suggests that this lotion contains potentially toxic ingredients (yet it does).