Avalon Organics: Measuring Up Against David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen

Avalon Organics. How organic are they? This is the Lemon Hand & Body Lotion, measured against the Dirty Dozen standard:

BHA and BHT: N
Coal tar dyes: N
DEA-related ingredients: N
Dibutyl phthalate: N
Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: N
Parabens: N
Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance): N
PEG compounds: Y
Petrolatum: N
Siloxanes: Y
Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS): N
Triclosan: N


2 of the Dirty Dozen, but interestingly there are some other things in Avalon Organics that aren’t exactly 'organic'. If you look at


...and think “Hmmmm, that doesn’t sound organic” you’re right. Although it may have been organic at some point in its existence, this is a chemically altered compound with very little data available about toxicity. But even if we stick strictly to the Dirty Dozen, there are clearly at least 2 ingredients in the mix of this moisturizer:
PEG Compounds- dimethicone (silicone-based polymer), ethylhexlglycerin (synthetic compound derived from plants).
Siloxanes- Cyclopentasiloxane- It may help to leave your skin feeling smooth, but as The Suzuki Foundation notes, siloxanes are suspected endocrine disrupters and reproductive toxicants. And what does that mean? They can interfere with our hormones and cause cancer. They’re also known to be harmful to the environment.

When it comes to Avalon Organics, or any product labeled ‘organic’ it’s important to acknowledge that there may be organic components/ingredients, but it is very difficult to present a 100% organic skin care product (at least that will be able to sit on shelves until purchased by consumers). Many products contain preservatives, or other additives that are not natural or organic, while the bulk of the product may be plant based. This is still a shift towards healthier products, so don’t lose heart thinking that a ‘natural’ company is just trying to fool you. Many are trying to bring quality natural products to a market that is still overwhelmingly rooted in unhealthy and chemical processes. They need our help to shift towards something better.

Let’s invest in that together.

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