How to Kick a Soda Habit

My husband purchased a juicer from Kijiji some months ago. I kind of laughed at the idea at first, thinking that this fancy appliance would end up collecting dust on the counter (while I cursed it's existence every time I had to dust it), OR that it would end up in a cupboard until we finally admitted that it wasn't being use and sold it ourselves... on Kijiji.  But that's not at all how our juicing story went.

My husband eagerly started juicing (with me chuckling, pop in hand, offering snarky comments), and within a month had lost a pretty impressive amount of weight. 
I stopped chuckling. 
I started trying a bit of juice here and there and realized that I actually liked it. Sure, sometimes it looked kind of gross, but it didn't taste gross- not by a long shot.  

In the process of realizing my love for juice I've been simultaneously noticing how much pop I've been consuming.
It's weird... I don't even think of myself as a soda drinker, yet when I look at those empty cans there's no denying it. I drink a lot of pop!

Growing up we didn't have pop in the house, or more accurately I should say that we didn't have pop in the house we were allowed to drink. My mom always had to have Diet Coke- it was a staple of her diet- but we were NOT allowed to touch it (not like we wanted to.... I mean really, Diet Coke? I can't imagine many beverages less appetizing). 
Our allowance of pop was mainly on special occasions. Whenever we gathered at my grandma's house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter she always had a bottle of gingerale. I can still distinctly remember how that gingergale tasted mingled with turkey, mashed potatoes, cherry jello, and the smells of her house.
So I guess that's a part of why I absolutely LOVE gingerale now. There's a certain nostalgic value, good feelings attached to that soda. But I also almost convince myself it's healthy sometimes. You know, because it contains real ginger.... 

It's not a very convincing argument, but it doesn't have to be.

Once I realized the problem I had (and incidentally, drinking too much soda is definitely a problem- just ask the enamel I've been destroying in the process), the real trick was figuring out what to do. We're all pretty fond of pointing out issues, problems, and things we don't like, but practical solutions seem a little less at the ready.

So here's one practical suggestion I have if you're stuck in a bad soda habit: 
Start replacing the soda with something that's even just shades better. For me, and because we have the juicer, it's easy to take a small glass of pure fruit and vegetable juice, add some gingerale and end up with a fizzy drink that isn't all that evil. I'm loving our juice without the fizz, but sometimes I want a special drink. I crave that carbonation. Adding half a can of pop to some pure juice reduces the soda intake, and gives me some better things in the beverage I'm consuming (and I can still fulfill that little nostalgic feeling I need and love). 
The effect is wanting pop less, and finding other things that are 'special' AND taste amazing (I won't even get into the smoothie habit I've developed).

Whenever I hear information about a product that isn't healthy I think: It's good to identify the problem, but even better to offer practical solutions. There's are tons of things you can do to kick unhealthy habits like drinking too much pop too often. This is just one. What's your solution?