Best Natural Deodorants

One of my first YouTube videos was a review of natural deodorants that have been effective for the different needs of our family. And there are definitely different needs. My son is super athletic and wants to have something that smells masculine and sporty. My husband couldn't care less about the scent of the deodorant and will try virtually anything. I want something that works over long stretches without reapplying, smells pretty, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

My son's an ongoing challenge, my husband still uses his solid salt crystal and, and I've moved away from my Kiss My Face roll-on.

I have a family of five people who are constantly moving and on the go, so I need to have a deodorant that can cope with my body through a ton of activity. My Kiss My Face roll on did well most of the time, but wasn't what I needed in the intense heat Southwestern Ontario saw this summer. So a few weeks ago I switched to an amazing product from Pure and Natural (the same people who make the salt stone my husband Darrick uses every day).

Pure and Natural Crystal Mist Body Spray

The deodorant is salt and water. Yup, that's it.

It's almost insane to me how straightforward that is when I look at the complex ingredients in conventional deodorants. It maybe needless to say, but it contains none of the Dirty Dozen.

I spray it 6 times under each arm after showering and don't have to apply it for the rest of the day (although it would incredibly easy to reapply, and doesn't leave any type of residue on clothing). And it has never irritated my skin or made it feel unpleasant in any way (which is kind of a big deal for a girl like me with sensitive skin).

Although it doesn't have a nice fragrance (it doesn't have any fragrance), it does the job it's supposed to do. And if I find myself getting really desperate for a scented deodorant I may just try adding essential oils to it. Who knows? Maybe I can find a sporty essential oil and sell my son on it.

If you have any good suggestions for a masculine, sporty essential oil, please leave it in the comments below!

*Update: After using this product over the summer months I found that my body odour was noticeable when I wore wearing synthetic fibres

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