My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow is my birthday! (and it's totally kosher to ask me how old I am)

Admittedly, I'm afraid (petrified) of death, and it could be argued that each birthday is really just thrusting us towards that gloomy fate, but I actually love birthdays.
I always have. 

It doesn't matter how terrible, or incredibly awesome the year was leading up to the birthday, I can always find something to celebrate- accomplishments, exciting things to come, or just... being here. And this year's no exception. There's a long list of major things that have happened this year that I'll be celebrating with my family tomorrow: the birth of my daughter Eadie, finalizing a lengthy legal process for sole custody of my son Noah, taking on some incredible new work, starting many, many friendships with beautiful people...

But secretly what excites me about my birthday is the birthday wish. I truly don't care how juvenile it is I think everybody should get a wish on their birthday, and this year here's mine:

I want you to go over to my facebook page and tell me what the biggest priority in your life is right now. 
That's it. I don't need any brightly wrapped packages this year. What I really is need is this.

Please make my birthday wish come true by clicking HERE!

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