The Great Canadian Food Fight

October 11-13 our region will step into the ring with 4 other communities to show our 
food and fundraising skills in

The Great Canadian Food Fight 

between October 11 at 6PM and October 13 at 6PM 
will be counted towards this massive national initiative to feed literally thousands of Canadians.    

What can you do?

Hold a food drive. 

At your workplace, school, in your neighbourhood... wherever you can manage! Let the Food Bank know you're taking part by clicking on the registration link HERE

The most needed items are:

Canned Meat & Fish
Peanut Butter
Beans in Sauce
Cold Cereal
Canned Fruit
Macaroni & Cheese
Canned Stew & Chili
Canned Vegetables
Fruit & Veggie Juice

Make a financial donation.

Spread the word! 

On Twitter
  • use the hashtag #GCFF to raise awareness, and get #KWAwesome pumped up to win this! 
  • Play Twitter tag: grab a food item for the GCFF, tweet about it, and tag someone else to challenge them to go and grab their GCFF item(s)!
On facebook
Use your social media voice to get the word out, and challenge friends/family/colleagues to help win this food fight!
We're not fighting each other, 
we're fighting hunger!

There are nearly 30 000 people in our region who use the Food Bank every year. One of the best, and most simple ways we can all help make this community stronger is to rally together and ensure those neighbours have access to this most basic necessity: food.

Our family is adding our muscle to the fight and putting it out to everyone we know.

We're also keeping our eyes peeled for great deals at the grocery store, and stocking up! 

AND, we'll cheering on Carl Zehr and Brenda Halloran as they step into the ring October 4, 2:30pm at the Arnie Boehm Training Centre (Activa Sportsplex) to see who's got what it takes to rally the forces and win The Great Canadian Food Fight.

Will you join us?

                                                        And hey! You should come follow my endeavours on YouTube HERE.