The Priority Project

I want to learn more about people's priorities...

but as much (or as little) as I know about even my innermost circle I can admit that I don't generally directly ask them what's most important to them. Even if I did, what's most important is always evolving. My own priorities earlier this year are different than my priorities at this moment.

The state of our priorities also frustrates me. There's so much money being made by those who are eager- and increasingly more able through social media- to tell everybody what we should and shouldn't be doing, without stopping to make any significant investment in our priorities. The focus is not helping us develop our own internal system of authority, but encourages us instead to rely (or become completely dependent) on external authority. 

And, of course, there's usually money involved.

That's not sustainable. So I'm not so interested in that. And I'm not interested in being told (by companies, experts, or anyone else) what's really important to me anymore. What I am very interested in doing is listening, and learning. I know what's important to me, and I want to know what's important to you. It means making a significant investment, an investment I'm going to call The Priority Project. The Priority Project is me asking YOU as directly as I'm able: 


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