Working Hard for the Money And 5 Ways to Save It

Some days I think Donna Summer's "She Works Hard For The Money" is my own personal anthem, but then again most of us work pretty hard for our money. And we want to see our money working hard for us too. It's probably the biggest part of what drives me nuts about companies always trying to convince me that they deserve my money more than I do. 

They don't. 

And they don't know my family, or what our unique needs are. That's my area of expertise. 

I had the great fortune recently to share a bit of that expertise, and hear from some people who are all 'experts' in their own right. On September 18th Erica Kloetstra, Melanie Blackmore-Arruda, Jennifer BirnstihlGreg Lehman, and I all spoke to an intimate and enthusiastic group of people about how we can make great choices with our money, stretching our means to the maximum potential benefit of our families.

I know I learned more about coupons than I thought there was to know, but beyond the coupons, giveaways, price-matching, and discounts was an undercurrent of even more important information. Every speaker connected to the theme of How to Save by demonstrating the crucial importance of being connected to resources:

  • Look for product reviews: product knowledge before you buy can help you purchase things that best fit your needs. Bookmark sites like and search for other sites/blogs that review products for better information before purchasing.
  • Take matters into your own hands: don't expect the information to come to you. Be willing to put in the time so your buying is organized and mindful. Go to the companies you love: search their sites, email them directly, and find coupons, giveaways, and deals for the things you already purchase. 
  • Don't pay more than you have to! Ever! Whatever it is, you can almost always get it for less! There are amazing resources like that make the best deals out there more accessible.
  • Embrace how new technologies can keep us intimately connected to businesses, products, and savings. is the perfect place to start learning about mobile marketing and how it works to save us money.
  • Buy consciously and with conviction so your money doesn't go to waste. Utilizing Kijiji, cutting out unnecessary luxuries, making things for yourself, and buying natural are all great ways to keep money in your pocket with a modest investment of time.
And above all invest in your own expertise when it comes to managing your budget!

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A huge thanks goes out to Lisa and Diane for involving me in the evening. 

Learn more about what my family does to save over on my vlog, and let me know in the comments below what YOU do to save money.