Meat Diet | No Wheat, No Sugar, No Dairy

When I signed on to do a NO wheat, NO sugar, NO processed food, NO GMO
diet for 30 days, I resolved to be a good little blogger and write or vlog about every magical part of the journey. I was going to come up with all kinds of interesting recipes. I would take beautiful pictures of everything I ate. And for the first week, I did. The problem is, this is more or less what my daily diet looks like right now (notice I couldn't even hold off long enough to take the picture until AFTER I dug in) :


Not exactly Pinterest worthy, is it?

The Reverse Super Size Me | Farmer's Daughter Diet acts more or less like a cleanse. Purging toxins and sugar from my body, while eating organic, pastured meats (with GOOD fats), my body will shift back into fat burning mode, processing food in a way that's more healthy. Along the way, I'm hoping to learn more about new healthy food choices, and lose the cravings for breads and sweets.

The Challenge

  • I'm used to eating pasta, cheese, bread, potatoes, cakes, and pizza, NONE of which are allowed during the Farmer's Daughter Diet. And my family's still eating all of those mouth-watering foods I can't have. It's definitely a struggle to figure out mealtime and fight the urge to indulge.
  • With a smaller selection of foods, it often feels like I'm eating the exact same ingredients, just arranged in a different way. Along with sugar, grain, and processed foods, I've also said goodbye to dairy, most veggies that grow beneath the ground, most fruit, and anything that's been treated with pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. It's left kind of a narrow field.   

The Bright Side

  • While the shift has really tested me, and sometimes made me irritable it's also given me a renewed sense of focus, and so much energy that there actually seems to be more time in the day.
  • In the first week alone, I lost 9lbs! Even though weight loss isn't my primary goal, it feels good to drop the extra bit of weight.
  • People have been incredibly supportive: offering recipes, tips, resources, and cheering me on. The support makes a huge difference, and motivates me to take this further. Best of all, I feel more connected to people through good food.
  • The BEST bonus has been discovering a new look at health with my family. My husband has taken on shopping and meal prep with zeal. My teenage son is expressing interest in trying the Farmer's Daughter Diet. My daughters are getting used to new snacks. Our family has a lot of challenges with food- from lactose/dairy sensitivity to wheat allergies- so it's pretty important to find a way of eating that will support everyone's health. Now, more than ever, we're working on that together.  

Recipes | Meals Week 2

They may not be Pinterest pretty, but here are my main meal options from the past week:


Juice. I will readily admit that I don't have breakfast every day (despite it being 'the most important meal of the day'). I try to get something in my system so I don't crash, but I've never been big on breakfast. Juicing allows me to throw a handful of fruits and veggies into the juicer and get a fantastic, tasty, uber healthy breakfast without being weighed down.
Fast, easy, healthy, cheap.
(We found our juicer on Kijiji for a fraction of the cost of buying new).


Omelet/Eggs. My organic, free range eggs are a super-quick meal: fried, scrambled with veggies, or as an omelet with my fave veggies rolled up inside (usually onion, pepper, mushroom, spinach, and sea salt).


MEAT. MEAT. MEAT!!!! As long as I'm admitting stuff, I'll tell you... many nights I've had nothing but meat on my plate. I can't get enough of it. My body craves the fat, and it doesn't seem to matter how much I eat- I don't get full or bloated (the way  used to feel after every meal). Pan-seared chicken and steak are my favourites.

Please feel free to leave recipe ideas in the comments below.

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