Diet Review | Top Pros and Cons

I've officially completed Reverse Super Size Me: The Farmer's Daughter Diet! 30 days without wheat, sugar, processed food, and GMOs, but I also said goodbye to dairy, below-ground vegetables, most fruit, and a lot of my life's little pleasures: salt, gravy, butter, baking.

For better, or for worse the review's in and here are the diet's Top Pros and Cons:

Diet Pros:

Talking to people about food! Opening up conversations with people I know (especially on Twitter and Facebook), has made me feel a whole lot closer to them. Whether or not I actually believe what some of my food enthusiast friends believe, it is very cool to see life more through their eyes.

Looking at food differently. I grew up eating Chef Boyardee, all right? And Dominos pizza. The journey into better eating as an adult has been a lot of messy, self-guided, trial-and-error. Looking at food in a new light has been refreshing, and helped me find new meal ideas.

Showing my kids a different way to eat, and how to make an investment in learning about food. Leading by example... who'da thunk, right?

Losing weight. Not to sound like a first class douchebag, but I wasn't really out to lose a whack of weight. I did, however, drop the 15 leftover pregnancy pounds that have been stubbornly hanging around for the past year. I don't mind that one little bit.

Juicing. I love juicing, but I kind of fell away from it for a while. This diet was the perfect chance to put our proud Kijiji purchase back to good use, providing me with extremely healthy and light breakfasts.

Diet Cons

Lack of prep and support.
Advance prep, regular check-ins, communication between participants... having these might have left me feeling more warm and fuzzy. Prep, support, and communication were minimal and some of the check-ins that were scheduled were shifted around last minute. Manage and meet expectations is more my gig.

Cost & Convenience. Purchasing local, organic, non-GMO everything in the middle of Canadian winter? Yeah, there's a premium of time, energy, and money on that. Doing this diet during the growing season would be a better way to succeed in it.

Being sick through the whole diet. Heavy congestion, and spending the latter half of the diet exhausted didn't really endear me to it (was that related to my eating? I can't say for sure, but it was definitely hard to stay well fed).

Food prejudice. Finding out some of the people I know feel ridiculously superior to others because of their beliefs about food has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. We probably all know someone like this- someone who looks down on others for not believing what they believe- and during this diet I definitely encountered my fair share of it.

Frustration with the whole damn thing. Without enough preparation and support, feeling lousy, and getting kind of pissed about food elitism, I kind of lost interest in food towards the end of the Farmer's Daughter Diet.

So would I do it again? Probably, but with different provisions for sure.

I wish you all the luck in the world in taking on any food challenge you have, I know it's not easy! You should come and chat with me about food over on my YouTube channel, or Facebook.