March Break: The Family Challenge

For March Break, our family doesn't go on exotic vacations, trips to Disneyland, or... anywhere, really. It's pretty much business as usual, with the exception of my teenage son spending his days largely in front of his xbox instead of in a classroom.

Which kind of drives me nuts.

It's not just my son. As a social media manager, a huge chunk of my daily life is spent online. My husband's been working towards the launch of our website, and can be found staring at a screen for a lot of his home hours too. While we don't have cable, our three year old practically rolls out of bed saying "can I watch a movie?", before she's even fully conscious.

So that's it.

During March Break this year I've set out what I think is an extremely simple family challenge:

We'll spend one hour together (all 5 of us), 
each and every day of March Break  
(No cell phones, no BB Playbook, no TV, no laptops. NO electronics!) 

My 15 year old's response? "We can't do that Mom." Hmmmph. Not exactly the vote of confidence I was hoping for.

Can our media-saturated family drop the gadgets and enjoy some quality time together? Follow the daily family adventures and potential calamity on Facebook, and see...

What does your family do together (sans electronics)?