Eco-Friendly Bath-time!

Tips from a family of 5 on how to make bath-time more eco-friendly!

Put a Plug in It! Water Conservation

Showering (generally) uses less water than bathing... unless you're an epic shower-er! Check by putting the plug in while you shower to see how full the tub is when you're done. You may be surprised at how much, or how little water you use when you shower, as opposed to bathing.
In our house, the big people take showers, and our two girls share a shallow bath. Sometimes we even leave the water in the bath and use it to clean the bathroom, or mop floors afterwards.

Conserve Energy 

  • Use CFL, or LED lighting in the bathroom. 
  • Let hair air dry rather than blow drying
  • Use towels more than once before washing them (you're not that dirty... right?)
  • Ditch, or reduce use of hair curlers and straighteners! YouTube has a wealth of videos on how-to curl your with no hair curlers, heat, or product. Here's one of my favourites:

Use Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic Body Products

Non-toxic, chemical-free products are good for us AND the environment. Visit David Suzuki's Dirty DozenEWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, or The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to learn more about ingredients in bath and body products that are known to be toxic for people and the environment. And try some of our favourite eco-friendly, 'natural', non-toxic bath-time products:

For Kids:
For Adults:
You can also replace personal items with eco-friendly products. As personal bath and body items wear out, search for environmentally sustainable options to replace them. Try this eco-friendly razor, made from post-consumer product: The Most Eco-Friendly Razor Around (via The Huffington Post). 

What energy-wasting habit would you like to break?