Do Some Good This Holiday Season | House of Friendship's #12daysforgood

Last year I was a 'Do-Gooder' for 12 Days for Good, a social campaign inspired by the volunteers at House of Friendship (who do a lot of good in our community every year).

I was amazed, through my 12 days, how much of an impact I could make doing simple things every day for just 12 days. I donated clothing, told a story, invited my neighbours over... and then shared it on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These simple deeds introduced me to a bunch of new people, and made me a lot more aware of the good and the need in our community that I'm usually too busy to notice.

When I brought my son along to donate clothing at a local shelter, he told me that we didn't have homeless people in our community, because he couldn't see any. It started an amazing conversation that I really don't think we would have otherwise.

So this year I'm very excited to be a Do-Gooder again, and to get my entire family involved too! This December, we'll be following the 12 themes of 12 Days for Good and setting aside time every day to do some good together.

We're a family of 5 with crazy-busy lives, so if we can do it? ... It's totally do-able!

Be a Do-Gooder. Share your good deeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Do some good.

You can follow our family's good deeds @janieeden and on Facebook.