Neknomination: Doing it Better


... for anyone still unfamiliar, is an online drinking game that has risen to pretty epic proportions on the interwebs of late. Apparently the game started as a challenge to gulp down a pint as fast as possible, on camera, upload it to the internet, and challenge two others to do the same. But, the amount of alcohol consumed quickly became an 'exciting' part of the challenge, resulting in numerous deaths (at least 5 reported deaths to date) due to consuming lethal amounts of liquor. 

Whether the game is more buzz than bite, I was extremely impressed by Brent Lindeque of South Africa for using his nomination to do something other than drinking his face off.

WATCH: Brent's take on Neknomination (or Neck and Nomination) in 'A South African NekNomination':

In response to being asked (in an interview on ANN7) why he chose to react to his nomination by giving a homeless person a meal, Brent said:
My first idea around it was 'why would people be posting something like drinking drinks online where it would live forever?' Many years from now when your children google your names they would see you doing that. That's not what I wanted for myself."  

You can show Brent some love on Twitter @BrentLindeque, and join him in transforming actions for social good through #ChangeOneThing

And tell me in the comments below what you would do if you received a neknomination?

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