What's really in hot dogs and 7 other gross facts about processed food

You've probably wondered what magical ingredients are in processed food like hot dogs, so here are

8 Facts About food That Will Totally Creep You Out:

Most store-bought ground beef contains ammonia doused 'pink-slime'.
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Factory-raised chickens are fed arsenic to make their flesh pink.
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Hot dogs:
Are a goopy blend of meat trimmings, fat, and cereal filler (bread crumbs, oatmeal, flower).
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Most store-bought honey contains no pollen. It's mostly additives and corn syrup.
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Greek Yogurt:
Produces millions of pounds of toxic waste.
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The US imports 86% of it's seafood, but only inspects .01% for chemical contamination. In 2008, the FDA tested 34 random shipments of shrimp and found 6 of 34 contained cancer causing chemicals.
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Maraschino Cherries:
Are bleached, marinated in corn syrup, and then dyed red.
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Packaged grated cheese
Is packaged with refined wood pulp to keep it from clumping
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i just threw up in my mouth a little
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