Kids DO say (and do) the darndest things. My mother has evidence.

Kids DO say the darndest things. And sometimes (usually when they're abnormally quiet for a suspiciously long time) they DO the darndest things too. Things like 'playing makeup', choosing the darkest possible form of makeup and plastering it all over their face. 

Mira's 'Coal Miner' look

(The tears came on being caught).

My mother kept lots of evidence that my brother and I said the darndest things. She was in the habit of writing down cute, or funny things that we said when we were younger in a sweet little cloth bound book that was a deep red with a pattern of tiny yellow flowers all over.

I would leaf through that little book every once in a while and almost be in tears over the things we said when were younger.

It's not a tradition I've carried on, but she's kept it alive with her grandchildren. A Facebook message from my mother after our 2 year old erased her outgoing voicemail message (again):

Eadie erased the message on my answering machine so I thought of recording a new one with her voice.
I practised her on saying 'please leave a message', but when we recorded it she said 'you don't have any kids living here'.
I dissolved into laughter and repractised her...
Again she said 'you don't have any kids living here' !!
I finally got her to say the message part but she whispered it in the same voice I was using to cue her
The next time she YELLED it.
At last, we got it, though it sounds like a rather severe command to leave a message and not a suggestion! 

xo (Mom)

This Mother's Day take time to celebrate all of the wonderful things that moms are and do (BIG and little) every day.

And from our family to yours Happy Mother's Day!

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