Why my Facebook profile pic will never be my child

I'm at a stage in my life when most of my friends have 'settled down', partnered up, and (some) have started having kids. I know because I hear about it on Facebook every day. Beside the cute pics, kid quotes, and hilarious recounting of mishaps I'll often notice the big wonder-filled eyes of a child.

Weird. I didn't know I was friends with any toddlers.

Many of my friends- at one point or another- have replaced their own profile image with an image of their baby/toddler/child.

I know my friends LOVE their children. I know that they're very, very proud to be parents. And I know that the pressure is on, now more than ever, to prove ourselves fit, loving parents.


Here's why my Facebook profile pic will never be an image of my child.

I love my children, but they are not me. I have my own identity. I don't draw that line strictly for my ego or even my sanity. I do it for them too. My role as a mother does not define all, or even most of who I am and it's important for my kids to learn that for the future them that they will be. I am, and they are valid individuals outside of their roles.

My children are not my world, and I don't want them to have the pressure of being my world either. I have my own life, and realize they probably will never know about most if it. And that's OK.

And it may sound ridiculous but I don't really want my friends and family to feel like they're talking to some weird me-child hybrid on Facebook. They can still talk to me. Even though I've had kids!

Do you think it's weird or totally cute to make children your facebook profile pic?