Power does not cause women depression.

Power does not cause women depression. But I can give you some hints to what does.

For context read: The Hidden Downside to Being a Powerful WomanA new study shows that, for women, power is too often linked to symptoms of depression. by Kimberley Weisul

Scores of women will sing you the same chorus: being in a position of power (while challenging, granted) is often the least stressful thing in our lives.

Having the constant expectation to not only earn more (and more, and more cause we need more bloody stuff!), AND

while doing it continue to give all of ourselves to your family (ALL, EVERYTHING, LIKE 'TIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT: women can't exist outside the mother role once in it, don't you know), AND

give all of ourselves to household routines and chores (why, oh why can't those men folk figure out how to clean? Chuckle chuckle), AND

be the only holder of subtle and social graces (believe me, I know plenty of men who will give out lovely, artful Christmas cards this year, while I give out exactly none for the umpteenth year in a row), PLUS

give all of ourselves to everybody else first (because that's what nice girls do, and girls is nothing if not nice and polite and pretty).

Even the most liberal-seeming people hold firmly rooted beliefs about what men and women are and are not supposed to be. When you have to fight all of that every day of your life, woman or man, THAT is depressing.

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