Reinventing Yourself: Manifest the Best You

At a party recently, a friend remarked that I change my look a lot and asked if I've always 'reinvented' myself. I do have different 'looks', but it's not because I reinvent myself, I told her. 

I am many things, and I express those things. Some things are expressed through what I wear, and how I look; but many more of those things are expressed through friendships and how I love my children, through my professional interactions and in the way I commit. All of those (and more) are me.

You are, no doubt, many things too, and the way you look expresses only a tiny bit of everything you are. I am as sure of that as I am that changing how you look does not change who you are.

While how I look has little to do with it, I have learned something important about this whole reinventing yourself business, and it is this:

Everything you are capable of doing tomorrow is within you today. 

I evolve into that part of myself- the part that does even greater things tomorrow- every single day. And in so doing I remember what was part of me yesterday. The remembering part is important. Often through the process of 'reinvention' people not only try to shed their previous skin but to discard it entirely, a forgetting of the 'baser' self (as an old friend recently put it).

But, you are connected to every part of your life, always. Who you were, who you are, and who you will be are all you. The more fully you embrace that, the more fully you manifest the Best You.

It's part of the problem with this word invention: it invokes a sense of something coming into being that didn't exist before, and that just doesn't happen. More problematic is that in attempting to forget about that old skin it almost always surfaces again anyway (you can hide from yourself for a while, but not forever).  

Expressing who I am is honesty about who I am and that is constantly evolving. It doesn't mean keeping people around who are toxic, staying in one place, or continuing in bad habits.

If you are on a path of reinvention, the best advice I think anyone can give you is this: get honest. And if you want to be known for other other things. Do other things.

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