It's Time to Forget Skinny

skinny labelled for reuse

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with being skinny. It was definitely a prominent look (heroin chic is a term I remember from that time) and no matter how low my weight went it was never enough. I exercised and starved myself and took diet pills. School counselors told me I was anorexic. My friends eventually guided me away from that by helping me feel my worth. But there's residual traces of it even now in the way I judge my body.

Time to forget skinny.

My body has changed a lot over the years. I've had 3 children. I lost all my pregnancy weight after my first 2 pretty fast, but then came Eadie. Eadie's our youngest and was born in the middle of a hard winter. Having a winter baby can be tough at the best of times, Eadie was a hard baby, in a harsh season. My body didn't recover so quickly.

Time to forget skinny.

Winter can wreck your body. If you live in a place that's always warm that may be hard to appreciate. Having to spend more time indoors (a lot more if you don't have a winter activity)/less time being active can mean weight gain (#OhCanada). I tend to gain about 5-10lbs over the winter. If we have a short or really busy summer I may not lose all of those pounds, so you can see how that becomes a bit of a problem.

Time to forget skinny.

I come from a family that is largely tall, thin and athletic. I got the genes, but I'm not an athlete. I don't go to the gym. BUT I do love being active, especially outdoors.

I ran Rugged Maniac (obstacle race/mud run) recently and a spark went off. I've marveled at people who workout and train and have never felt anything close to desire to be that kind of person. For a long time it felt like a personal failing- like I was too lazy to become an obsessive gym rat.

When I ran Rugged I felt so completely engaged, driven and capable (FYI it shredded every muscle in my entire body) and I kind of had a realization. I do love having a physical challenge, but it has to be engaging in a different way for me than going to a gym and running through a series of workouts.

I want to be outdoors. I want a finish line. I want to feel strong.

So I'm setting out to get more rugged. I'm going to share as much as I possibly can with you because seeing real people tackle real challenges is something I love and appreciate so maybe you can find something in all of this that's helpful to you too. I'll warn you in advance that I generally dislike glossy images that romanticize how hard this kind of journey can be, so don't expect pretty. Expect something more like this...

If you have any advice, workouts, meal plans, or things that have helped you feel strong please PLEASE share them. I live online and you find me in lots of spaces!